Finding Enchantment

The mountain stream is calm, even as the water rushes its stones.

The pine tree is hardy, even as the forest falls around it.  

The leaves brighten, even as the sun pulls away.

Nature sets the example for Nancy Nelson Jewelry’s Fall 2016 Collection. Inspired by the rough outlines of an autumn forest and the light that shimmers and beats through its leaves and streams, the sophisticated line freezes the enchanting landscape timelessly.

“I wanted to capture that invigorating feeling that comes from a walk in the woods in this collection,” Nancy Nelson said. “The blue sparkling crystals of the cavansite, the brass cast on a cedar branch, the patina leaves—they all harness that energy.”

For the first time, Nancy Nelson Jewelry is using cavansite—a rare mineral known to bring its wearer tranquility and clarity—and cedar pine needle—an elegant leaf symbolic of the season—to add color and texture to its autumn homage.

The collection incorporates rough diamonds—revered for its pure, untouched state—casted cedar branches, lichens and leaves, and includes an opal twig ring, and a cavansite ring.

We’re sure that they’ll help you find your way back to the wilderness.



written by Pepper VanTassell

photo credit : Life on Location Photography