Embracing Autumn

How do you celebrate the Autumn Equinox? Do you harvest your garden, clear your clutter, and prepare to start anew?

The Autumn Equinox—when daylight and night become equal—is a time to acknowledge our joys, and let go of our burdens—to clear our minds and steady our hearts.

This fall, how will you find your balance? At Nancy Nelson Jewelry, we turn to nature. Our source for so much inspiration, autumn in Western Maryland is bright and crisp, and a walk among its falling leaves and through its brisk breezes always awakens the soul. In our Fall 2016 collection, you’ll find balance with jewelry that rings with invigoration. Our Whispering Cedar and Spirited Leaf earrings, Loretta Blue necklace, and Blue Botanical Bracelet—molded and cast from some of the leafy treasures we’ve gathered on strolls through nearby paths—center us in the quiet of the forest—with an elegance that transitions from day to night as beautifully as the harvest moon rises.

This fall, we wish you balance, joy for all the new things coming your way, and thanks for loving nature as much as we do.  

written by : Pepper Van Tassell