Summer Solstice Giveaway! Luminous and Elegant Moonstone Twig Earrings

Oooh oooh oooh—what a little moonstone can do for you.

Its pearly-white glow—opaque when the moon is new and iridescent when it is full—is believed to bring its wearer peace, balance, good fortune and heightened intuition. Lovers drawn to its romantic folklore have long sought the light of a full moon—when moonstone’s passionate and protective properties are most powerful—to exchange the luminous stone as gifts.

So as the moon brings us to summer, Nancy Nelson Jewelry wants to give one of you a pair of our Moonstricken Twig Earrings—a gift to our fans and the perfect gift to yourself or your lover, whomever the earrings fit.

Through our Summer Solstice Giveaway, anyone who signs up for our newsletter on between June 20 and June 28 will be entered to win the dangly sterling silver pair—each dripping with a rainbow moonstone spun with 14k gold.

Good Luck! The winner will be announced on June 30.  

(For good luck, you’ll want some moonstones.  If you don’t have any, check out these lucky pairs of Moonstone Vine Drops and Silver Sticks-N-Gems.)


written by Pepper Van Tassell