The Pinecone : Natural Treasure

The pinecone—with its swirling hard petals resembling a petrified flower—has long been symbolic of the “third eye," the entryway to our soul.

This natural treasure that can be found and kicked so easily along our walks through the woods and this world has carried deep symbolism through centuries of religious and social movements, and is the namesake for our pineal gland, a pine-cone shaped center of our brain that helps us accept light.

It’s no wonder then how Nancy Nelson—on a long walk in the woods with her children—felt its spark and admired its beauty enough to include it in many of her designs.

“You know how kids just pick up everything when you hike through the woods? Well, they just collected them that day, and I did, too. As we carried them, I started imagining ways to display their beauty in my collection,” Nancy Nelson said. “They always inspire me.”

This time of year—when one who lives or walks among trees and mountains can count on finding a memory at the base of a pine tree—Nancy Nelson Jewelry hopes you’ll find reflection in these delicate pieces set to inspire stillness and light.  Shop our Pinecone Jewelry now.

Written by Pepper VanTassell