With Gratitude

We are fortunate to do what we love at Nancy Nelson Jewelry. Every day, we are grateful for the ability and opportunity to create art from nature’s beauty and deliver it to you.

This Thanksgiving—as many ponder their greatest gifts—we’ll remain thankful for one of our biggest blessings: you.

Living in gratitude is a philosophy at Nancy Nelson Jewelry: It opens us to positivity, and keeps us from negativity. It’s a practice that we follow year-round as it keeps us grounded and focused.

We wanted to take this chance to thank you for the motivation you’ve given us to imagine jewelry naturally. With your encouragement, we’re still discovering beautiful ways to design jewelry.

“Each day comes with its challenges, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” Nancy Nelson said. “It is through these adversities and setbacks that we have grown the most. And for this, we give thanks.”

Thank you for your continued support.  We wish you the happiest holidays and the deepest of blessings.


Written by : Pepper VanTassell